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Ruthie // 9 Month Update

Ruthie just had her 9 month doctor’s appointment on February 7th. Of course I’m posting this on February 25th because the night she had her 9 month appointment I got the stomach flu, then Dave did, then Gammy came to visit, then we were in Chicago, so life has been crazy. I died putting this 9 month sticker on her because WHY ARE THERE ONLY THREE STICKERS LEFT??

Weight: 16 lbs (15th percentile). She’s actually rising in percentiles for weight since her 6th month appointment.

Height: I actually don’t have her heigh measurements in front of me but she wasn’t even on the charts for height this month! The doctor said maybe close to the 1st percentile.

Eating: Ruthie is still on a schedule where she either nurses or has bottles 4ish times a day. When I got back from a weekend away a few weeks ago, she went on a nursing strike and refused to nurse except for her first feeding. It was really sad and hard for me. I think it was the perfect storm of me leaving for 4 days and her teething. She’s now back to nursing twice a day and having bottles twice a day. Sometime soon I might drop one of the bottles. She loves to feed herself and recently her favorite food has been blueberries. Ruthie got 2 teeth the week before she turned 9 months! They are so cute and it was so rough the days when she was cutting them. I kind of felt like she would never get teeth (maybe because I feel like she’s been teething for months). Her bottom ones came in first and I’ve heard the top ones come in next.

Sleeping: Ruthie will go through phases when her first nap of the day is only 45 minutes long. It seems like it happens every other week. I hope she’s not one of those babies who drops their first nap early. Besides that, her sleep is great.

Leaps: Ruthie finished her 6th leap and she is changing so fast. This month she: got two teeth, can wave, can stand while holding onto something (but can’t pull herself up into a standing position yet), and she tries to say these words — Dada, bye, hi, duck, “all done,” and cup. I don’t think she has any idea what she’s saying, she’s just trying to repeat the sounds she hears me make. There’s no meaning attached to the words and I’m the only one who can understand what she’s saying.

Diapers/Clothes: Ruthie wears size 3 diapers but size 4 at nighttime. She can fit into 9 month clothes pretty well, except footies which are always too long on her. The rest of her clothes really vary in size depending on what brand they are. I really love the Burt’s Bees clothing line and Old Navy always has great baby clothes. I’ve been trying to buy a lot of things for her off season because they’re on sale for next winter.

Highlights of this month:

  • We went to Disneyworld with Dave’s family the second weekend of January! It was such a blast and Ruthie did great and even went on a lot of (slow) rides!
  • Our house is in the finishing stages and our furniture is getting moved in next week.
  • We closed on our first rental property and we’re excited to start finding tenants to move in soon.

What we’re looking forward to this month:ย Moving into our house! We’re looking forward to having Dave’s mom visit us and help us move some things in.

I love how this sweet girl can stand up now. And I love her thighs ๐Ÿ™‚

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