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Disney Marathon Weekend (with an 8 month old)

One of my goals of this blog this year is to be able to print out these stories and have them in a book for our family to look back on. I love the idea of scrapbooking, but I don’t like writing things out by hand so the idea of having a digital scrapbook that I can print out sounds great to me. I want to start documenting more of our trips on here so that I can have all the stories and pictures in one place, and what better trip to start with than Disney World?

I broke this up into three parts – one for the marathon weekend, one for Animal Kingdom, and one for Magic Kingdom. I can’t keep anything short when writing about Disney because I want to remember all the details!

Dave and I booked this trip back last July when Ruthie was only two months old. Dave and his sisters were going to run the marathon together and then we planned to go to the parks for a few days afterwards. We also booked our plane tickets in July, which was great because they were already done and paid for and we didn’t have to think about the travel part of the trip again until January.

Things that save your sanity while traveling with an infant: baby carriers and coffee
Waiting for our plane in the Grand Rapids airport. This airport is so easy to fly in and out of!
Keeping an 8 month old entertained on an airplane is not easy.
We had a connecting flight through Chicago (really typical when you fly somewhere from Grand Rapids).
This picture describes how I felt at this moment- so jealous of Dave for sleeping while I was desperately hoping Ruthie would stay asleep for long enough for me to finish a podcast. She did!

Disney makes the marathon weekend really fun, even if you aren’t one of the runners. The marathon is on a Sunday (we arrived on the Friday before), but the kids races take place on Saturday. They were held at the ESPN World Wide Sports Center, which is on Disney Property. I hadn’t been there before but I think a lot of high school and college athletes do for different competitions.

Saturday was FREEZING, especially in the morning. It was in the low 50’s and everyone was in jackets.

Since Dave signed up for the marathon back in July, we didn’t know if Ruthie would be crawling yet at 8 months old (she wasn’t) but we signed her up for the baby diaper dash anyways. I’m so glad we did because it was SO adorable. Ruthie’s cousins ran earlier in the morning.

Girl cousins reunited! I love them. 

Enter a caption

They put down big foam mats so that the babies could crawl across the finish line. Six babies crawled at a time and parents went to the “starting line” and Mickey was waiting for them across the finish line. Dave helped Ruthie crawl across. They gave every baby a shirt, bib with their name on it, and a kid’s race medal. So fun!

Mickey was there! 

Cousins playing together back in the hotel. Ruthie had so many people to entertain her!

For the most part, Ruthie slept really well on this vacation. It was really nice to be on Eastern time still – a benefit of vacationing in Florida! I did a series on my Instagram stories of me waking her up from her first nap to get ready for the day.

Dave had to get up with his sisters at 3:45am to make the marathon start time of 5:30. The runners started and finished the race in Epcot. Disney allows family members to sign up for text updates for their runner so I would get texts when Dave started the race and then passed 5 miles, 10 miles, and 13 miles. The texts had an estimated finish time. We underestimate the traffic a little bit and we had to run to go watch them at the finish line. We made it just in time to see them.

Gammy and Papa took care of the babies while we were at the finish line. 

The Bills were in the playoffs later that day. Dave requested I bring his hat with me. They lost…

I don’t feel a strong desire to run 26 miles, but I could possibly see myself doing the half marathon sometime – maybe after I’m done having babies!

We went to the hotel pool later in the day. It was Ruthie’s first time in a pool. She smiled and laughed for a few minutes and then got kind of quiet – I think she was exhausted from all the morning events. There’s nothing better than an outdoor pool in January! What a nice break from our Michigan winter.

Click here to move onto the next part of our weekend.

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