Ruthie // 8 Month Update

Ruthie doesn’t have a doctors appointment again until 9 months, so I’m not sure about all her stats right now.

Weight: My guess is that she’s somewhere around 16 lbs based on my mom’s scale.

Height: She’s probably not much longer than when she was measured at 7.5 months. Such a shortie!

Eating: Pretty much all Ruthie does is eat. We still do pouches/purees but have added a lot more “table” food. She loves anything she can pick up by herself. We found out this month that Ruthie seems to be allergic to peanut butter! I gave her some on Christmas Eve and she got itchy red hives everywhere it touched. She was grabbing at her face and it was scary, but I washed it off and gave her a bath and in an hour the hives were mostly gone. I have given her peanut butter before but it was the organic kind and the one she had a reaction to was Skippy – which also has soybean oil in it so maybe she has a soy allergy? I know some people say to keep trying the allergen even if they’re allergic but I don’t really want to and would rather wait until later to re-introduce it. This is something I’ll have to ask the doctor about at her 9 month appointment.

Sleeping: Still doing 2 naps a day. That 3-5pm in the afternoon is such a rough time of day, especially because we’re snowed in the house a lot. Ruthie’s nighttime sleep is great. Usually when we travel with her, the second or third night isn’t so great and I hear her fussing in the middle of the night (she puts herself back to sleep) and she sometimes wakes up early. This is super hard when we’re in a different time zone and one of us is up with her at 5:30.

Leaps: Ruthie is in Leap 6 right now. I don’t notice more fussiness or anything than usual (I think that gets better as they get older because they can nap better?), but I think she just looks and acts so much older. She says “Dada” but I’m not sure she knows what she’s saying. She recently started saying it around Dave though so maybe? She “growls” all the time, especially when she’s happy or she’s excited to see someone. I think she has a bottom tooth that is ready to break through. She leans forward on her hands when sitting up and sometimes looks like she’s about to crawl, but hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

Highlights of this month:

  • Ruthie’s first Christmas was so sweet. We were in the Chicago area at my parent’s house and Ruthie was loved on and got a lot of presents. She was great during a church service on Christmas Eve. I know she won’t remember this year but Dave and I will.
  • We are almost done painting the inside of our house. The kitchen cabinets and countertops were installed as well as the showers. I’m very eagerly looking forward to moving in someday.

What we’re looking forward to this month:

  • We’re going to Disney at the end of this week! It’s one of my favorite places so I’m excited to take Ruthie.
  • I’m going to Denver for my sister in laws Bachelorette party and my parents are watching Ruthie for the first two days, and then Dave will be with her on the weekend. I’m nervous to leave her (especially because I’m still breastfeeding) but excited for some time by myself AND I get to fly on an airplane alone…!!

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