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Ruthie // 7 Month Update

I see such a combination of me and Dave in this picture. Usually I just see her Daddy.




Better late than never – amiright?

Ruthie had a doctor appointment around 7.5 months because she was sick with a cold! The weights/percentages are from that visit.

Weight: 14lbs8oz. Still in the 9th percentile for weight.

Height: 24.25″ – the 1st percentile. I notice that her feet finally *kind of* touch the floor when she’s in her jumper or exersaucer.

Head: They didn’t measure her head at this appointment. She still has a pretty large bald spot on the back of her head. I’m hoping that because she’s sleeping more on her stomach now it will start to grow back.

Eating: I feel so lucky that Ruthie loves solid foods and she’s still a good nurser. It does seem like her milk intake has dropped during the day but I think that’s to be expected because she eats solid foods 3 times a day. If I skip one of these three times, she’s hungry and cranky. I do a mix of baby food purees and “real” food by giving her whole slices of bananas, pears, toast with peanut butter, and anything else I’m eating in the kitchen. She loves cheese sticks and she’s OBSESSED with those baby rice teethers. Sometimes I bribe her with them…. bribery starts early, folks.

Sleeping: This month she can finally take a consistent two naps a day and I did drop her catnap shortly after she turned 7 months because she wasn’t always falling asleep for it and she was waking up early in the mornings. Her morning and afternoon naps really vary in length. Sometimes they last 45 minutes, which is the worst and sometimes they last two hours, which is the best. Usually, if one nap is longer than the other is shorter and vice versa. My sister-in-law gave me a really valuable tip that if I want her to nap longer in the afternoon, then I can wake her up early from her first nap. This does make for a really long morning though.

Leaps: Leap 6 starts in a few days, although we did go through that “gray” period in Wonder Weeks when they’re supposed to be needier. Ruthie was already needy though so I’m not sure much changed. She can sit up for a long time now by herself. Occasionally she loses balance and falls over and then screams. My mom bought her a playmat so a few times a day I’ll put some small toys in a basket for her and sit her on the playmat. This will either keep her entertained for 3 minutes or 30 minutes. Ruthie’s love of thumb sucking really reached a new level this month. I waver between thinking it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and also being extremely worried that she’s going to be thirteen-years-old and sucking her thumb in 8th grade. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. She is SO CUDDLY and it warms my mom heart so much. Sometimes when she’s fussy, I’ll sit her in my lap facing me and she will find her thumb and put her head on my chest. Those are the best moments right now.

Highlights of this month:

  • We visited Dave’s family in Colorado for Thanksgiving and it was the best trip. We stayed at Crooked Creek ranch in a huge lodge. It was so fun to watch Ruthie with her cousins, especially Lucy.
  • The Christmas season is the best with a baby. We got Ruthie’s first tree and she even got to open her first present early (a baby Cinderella costume from Dave’s mom!) I spend a lot of days trying to get her to pay attention to the Christmas books I’m reading her, but she just put the corners in her mouth. I’m feeling so grateful and blessed to be a family of three.

What we’re looking forward to this month:

  • Christmas in Hinsdale with my family. I can’t wait to walk downstairs with Ruthie on Christmas morning.
  • We are going to DISNEY!!!!! on January 5th. Dave and his sisters are running the marathon and we’re going to the parks for two days after that. I’m not really sure how that’s going to go with a baby and even though Ruthie will have no clue what is happening, just the thought of taking her to Disney makes me cry. We listen to the Moana soundtrack so much that now when I turn it on, she looks at me and starts smiling and laughing.
The only way I could get her to be happy for these pictures was by giving her the 6th month sticker  to play with 🙂

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