Ruthie // Five Month Update

Weight: 12lbs7oz at her weight check last week (20 weeks). She’s gaining half an ounce every day, which is the minimum but she’s still gaining. Still in the 7th percentile.

Height: 23.25″ at the height check at 20 weeks.

Eating: I tried a four hour schedule for about two days and then quickly went back to a three hour one. I nurse Ruthie four times a day still (7, 10ish, 1ish, 4ish, and 7) and then her last feeding is a bottle at bedtime (usually with Daddy). She’ll take a 7-8oz bottle at bedtime. We introduced solids!! It’s going great now but it was a slow start. Around 17 weeks, I started to give her some rice cereal. She didn’t love it and spit a lot out. I switched to the Beechnut brand and she started to love the cereal. She’s had pears, sweet potatoes, and apples and she LOVES all of them. I mix the baby food with some milk, per my doctors recommendation to add some extra calories into her food. Her spitting up has been slightly better with solid food. She will still spit up after meals and a few times in between meals but it definitely not the level of what it used to be.

Sleeping: I only saw one night of the four-month sleep “regression,” but it was such a fluke that I wouldn’t really call it a regression. When we were visiting Chicago for my parent’s birthday she woke up crying at 3:30am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I nursed her, which I haven’t done in the middle of the night in months. I was worried that was the beginning of the dreaded regression but the next night she was completely fine and has been every night since then. She’s taking three naps a day and definitely not ready to move to two (which I’ve tried several times and it’s terrible). She usually naps pretty well. The second I lay her in her crib she turns on her side and sucks her thumb. I feel like all my previous training with her has TOTALLY paid off and I’m so glad I went through some of those hell weeks around 2-3 months to get to where we are now. She is the best self-soother.

Leaps: Ruthie finished the fourth leap and is seriously in such a fun stage. She loves interacting with me during the day and loves when her dad is home with her at night. She’ll try to grab our faces or put our hands in her mouth. Last night she rolled over from her stomach to her back! I practiced with her a few times and then she did it on her own.

Clothes: I think this girl will be in 3-6 month clothes forever, especially since she’s tiny. It’s funny because I don’t think she looks that small – she doesn’t look skinny and she has big cheeks. When people have only seen Ruthie in pictures and then they meet her in person, they’re always surprised by how small she is. Ruthie has A LOT of clothes and I need to give some away because she never wears them all. She wears fleece footies most nights because I like to keep the temperature cooler and we usually go through at least two outfits a day, especially now that she’s eating solid foods.

Likes: being with Mommy (she’s such a clinger), when people smile at her, her swing, her exersaucer (for 10 minutes at a time), her Bumbo, sweet potatoes, when Daddy walks down the stairs in the morning and walks up the stairs after work (oh wait… I love that too), being at home

Dislikes: when she’s in one position for too long, when she’s left by herself, when a stranger gets too close to her, when she can’t reach a toy that she wants, when something doesn’t fit in her mouth

Highlights of this month:

  • Dave stayed home with Ruthie overnight alone while I went to Chicago to celebrate my sister’s birthday.
  • Ruthie and I go to baby storytime at the library every week and it’s so cute and she loves it.
  • I take her to MOPS with me and she has been doing great in the childcare there.
  • I tried to jog with Ruthie in a 5k and she screamed the entire time. But we got to watch Dave finish a half marathon and that was the highlight!
  • We closed on our house last week. I’m already envisioning Ruthie’s playroom and her and her future siblings living there.

What we’re looking forward to: I’m looking forward to celebrating fall. Holidays are ten times more fun with a baby! I’m excited about taking her to a pumpkin patch, dressing her up for Halloween, and going to the Fall Fest here.

A blurry picture but I had to capture her sucking her thumb 😊



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