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Ruthie // Two Months Old

How is our baby girl already two months old?? I try to enjoy every moment with her because time is going by so fast, but I’m also excited for her to get older and be able to reach more developmental milestones like holding her head up and sitting in a seat 🙂 I looked back on her one month blog and can’t believe how much she’s changed in just 4 weeks.






Weight: 10lbs1oz (25th percentile). She gained 14 ounces since last month. I was actually worried when this number came up on the scale because I assumed that since she gained two pounds in the first month she would quickly just gain two more the second month. But she is still growing perfectly on the growth curve for babies and my pediatrician explained that babies weight gain evens off and is not always as dramatic as in the beginning, which I guess makes since.

Height: 21.5 inches (15th percentile). She grew 1 inch in a month! She definitely looks longer to me and her feet are touching the end of her swaddle now.

Head: 15.5 inches (85th percentile). This is half an inch bigger than last month. Some days her hair looks red (!!!!! my dream) and other days it looks blonde. I think it’s thinning out a bit in the front and on top and I can’t wait to see what color it ends up being. It looks really straight and a lot like Dave’s hair when he was a baby so I bet she’s going to end up being a blondie.

Doctor’s Appointments: The only appointment we had this month was for her two month checkup, which was great minus her getting so many shots – so hard to watch! I made Dave hold her during her shots because I couldn’t stand to watch it.  She still has baby acne which has spread to the back of her neck, ears, chest, and even some on her arms. It’s looking a little better on her face. I’m not sure if the heat makes it worse but I’m looking forward to the day when she doesn’t have it anymore. Ruthie still has a mild case of reflux and it’s hard for me that it seems like it’s not getting any better. I say it’s mild because she doesn’t need to be on medication for it but it just seems like she spits up/throws up SO much and I always wiping her mouth or changing her outfit. She’s also pretty fussy sometimes after eating. I’m worried that it’s going to take her more than 6 months to grow out of it because sometimes I feel like my days consist of feeding her, waiting for her to spit up, and then having to put all her of outfits, burp cloths, and even my clothes in the wash because there’s spit up all over them! 😦 The pediatrician says that this peaks for babies at 8 weeks so I’m hoping that it gets better from here! We don’t go back to the doctor again until she’s 4 months.

Eating: Ruthie is taking about 1-2 bottles a day and I am still nursing her the rest of the time. She still eats every 3 hours on a pretty tight schedule at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. She will wake to eat sometime around 4am again. It seems like she is taking 3-4 oz. per feeding but at night she will drink around 5-5.5oz before bed. Dave takes at least one feeding a day, either the bedtime feeding or the one at 4am.

Sleeping: Ruthie is a CHAMP at sleeping at night!! Honestly, I have her on a pretty strict schedule most days when we are at home together and I think it’s working really well for her in terms of nighttime sleep. Ruthie naps three times a day and then takes a catnap in the evening before her bath. I like to do as many naps as I can in her crib but I’ll take whatever I can get for her catnap – in the swing, in the baby carrier, sometimes in my arms on the couch. We transitioned Ruthie to her crib at 5 weeks old. In my last update I talked about how it was hard to get her in her crib. That was true the first night – Dave and I totally gave up and put her back in the rocknplay in our room. The second day my mom was visiting and she offered to help Ruthie nap in her crib while I went to Target. When I came back from Target she was asleep in her crib! We’ve basically never looked back since then. Her naps are hit or miss, sometimes she naps for a full two hours in her crib and sometimes she wakes up after an hour (or twenty minutes!) and I go in and reinsert her paci. There’s usually one nap a day that’s not in her crib at all and will happen in her carseat if we’re out and about. Regardless of how well her naps are during the day, she is consistently going to bed at 7:30 each night and sleeping until 4-5am! This just starting happening at 8 weeks old, before that she would wake around 2-3am. It’s so great because Dave and I usually get in bed around 9:30 so we have two hours to ourselves at night. For all naps (that happen at home) and nighttime sleep we do the swaddle, white noise machine, and dark room. Our bedtime routine looks like a bath at 6:30pm, change into pajamas, and then a bottle in her room. Yes, my day is totally on a schedule and full of routines but honestly it keeps me sane! I love routines and I think that Ruthie is thriving off of it because her body is used to eating and sleeping at the same time every day. I think it’s also important to know when to throw the schedule out the window for the day and be flexible – something I’m really bad at doing but I’m trying to learn how to have grace for myself when things don’t go as planned.

Diapers: Ruthie is in size 1 diapers. She sometimes has a diaper rash but we do a few minutes without a diaper (always a disaster…) each morning and it helps her a lot. Still using Aquaphor Baby – love that stuff!

Clothes: Ruthie is wearing 0-3 month sizes in clothes and some 3 month sizes. Some of her onesies even look small on her right now! I think that Gerber runs small because those onesies are the ones that look tight. It’s so much fun dressing her for the summertime, but usually most days at home she’s just in a onesie and she wears one for sleeping at night too since we don’t have AC (but just got a window unit for her room!).

Likes: playing on the floor with mom or dad, smiling at mom and dad, her swing, her soothie pacifiers, baths, putting her hands in her mouth, patterns/contrasts on the wall, being held by her grandparents

Dislikes: tummy time, when her paci falls out (god help me on this one, I hate always reinserting it!), her fussy time in the afternoon/early evening, being in her carseat for too long

Highlights of this month:

  • Ruthie was at the surprise party we threw for Dave’s 30th birthday and did so well! She was wide awake the whole time and loved being held by her Aunt Lisa.
  • She had her first non-family babysitter and did great! She took almost a 4oz bottle from her and Mom was able to go to the doctors and Walgreens alone 🙂
  • We went in to visit my office twice and it’s so much fun having everyone hold her and love on her there. She also visited Dave’s office too!
  • Ruthie started smiling a lot for real and it is so much fun. She smiles so much for me and Dave and smiled a lot for her cousin Logan last week!

What we’re looking forward to: We’re both looking forward to being able to put Ruthie in kid’s ministry at church. We’ve been waiting until she gets her 2 month shots to do this and have either been in the cry room or the lobby and both places are pretty distracting. We’re also looking forward to taking Ruthie to my parent’s lakehouse in Michigan on July 7th. Dave is looking forward to more smiles and adventures in Ruthie’s second month. I’m looking forward to putting her in her 4th of July outfit and having lots of babysitters at the lakehouse so that Dave and I can have time to ourselves.

She was not happy during her two month pictures this morning. Sometimes the best medicine is Daddy on the floor next to you. 

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