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Ruthie // One Month Old

Ruthie turned a month old on June 4th and I felt like it was such a huge milestone – both for her and for us as parents! We survived a month with a newborn, a month of waking up multiple times a night, and I survived a month breastfeeding. I was waiting to post this until we went to her one month doctor’s appointment so I could get the right height and weight for her.


Weight: 9lbs3oz!! She’s gained almost 2 pounds since she was born. She’s in the 50th percentile for weight.

Height: 20.5 inches. This is interesting because at birth she was 21 inches so either they measured her wrong, she was measuring longer at birth because their heads can be longer from the birth process, or she shrunk 😉 She’s in the 5-10th percentile for height.

Head: 15 inches – 90th percentile! I think she got her Daddy’s big head.

Doctor’s Appointments: Ruthie did have to go to the doctor for an eye infection at about 3 weeks old – poor thing woke up with so much stuff in her eye and it just continued to get worse throughout the day. The doctor thought it was most likely a clogged tear duct but gave us some eye drops just in case.  Ruthie is definitely a spitter and sometimes seems to spit up so much after feedings that I have wondered if it’s projectile vomiting. She may have a small case of reflux or her body just needs to develop a little more to hold all her food down. Apparently this gets worse before it gets better and reflux can peak at 8 weeks. She’s gaining weight pretty well though so her throwing up hasn’t been too concerning. The only other health thing she has going on is some baby acne on her face, which seems to get better and then get a little worse again. We try and keep it clean with a warm washcloth after she eats.

Eating: Ruthie eats about every 3 hours (from the start of the last feeding). We introduced a bottle at exactly 3 weeks – basically the soonest I could introduce one I wanted to! She took it like a champ on her first try. Dave gave her the bottle while I sat in a different room so that she wouldn’t be confused by me being there. I cried before we introduced a bottle because it was her first time eating without me, but it was the best decision to introduce at 3 weeks. Dave and I split up the nighttime feedings so I have been doing the doing from 1-2am and he takes the feeding at 5am. She usually takes 2-3 oz. with a bottle. Our lactation consultant found a tongue tie on Ruthie when she was a week old and I have continued to breastfeed her despite that. We haven’t looked into any options to get it fixed by a dentist.

Sleeping: Ruthie has never mixed up her days and nights, thank goodness! She usually goes to bed and gives us a long 4-5 hour stretch and then goes back to 3 hour stretches. During the first week Ruthie was at home, she would pretty much sleep anywhere (in her mamaRoo, in her packnplay, in her swing) but now I only nap her in the rocknplay in our bedroom where it’s dark and she has her white noise machine. Ruthie started off in her packnplay but because she was spitting up so much and was having some reflux/gas issues, we decided to have her sleep in her rocknplay so that her head was elevated. Now we are trying to slowly wean off the rocknplay. I tried to get her to nap in her room in her crib yesterday and it was terrible – she screamed the whole time. I might try it again this weekend and move her back into the packnplay first before her crib. Ruthie always naps and sleeps at night swaddled, sometimes in a muslin blanket that we swaddle her in or sometimes in her Halo Sleep Swaddle, which I love!

Diapers: Just in the past week, newborn diapers started to look really small on Ruthie so we moved her to size 1 diapers. They’re kind of big on her but hold everything in better than newborn diapers. My favorite diapers are still Pampers Swaddlers. She is getting her first diaper rash right now and I was using Burt’s Bees diaper rash cream on it, but it seemed like it wasn’t doing anything so I switched to using Aquaphor Baby, which I’ve heard great things about. The doctor told us to lay her on something that we don’t mind getting dirty and let her not wear a diaper for a while. This makes me nervous because of the mess it could cause but I think I’ll try it out soon.

Clothes: I am SO glad that I had a lot of newborn clothes because Ruthie is still mostly wearing them and can’t quite fit into the next size yet. She just started getting too big for some of her newborn onesies (because her big head can’t fit through some of them haha) and I moved her to size 0-3 months for a few clothes. Every brand is different though so it really depends. She screams when we try to put clothes over her head or try to get her arms through the sleeves. She spits up on her clothes a lot so we do a lot of outfit changes!

Likes: the ceiling fans, lights, taking walks in her stroller, car rides, when Mommy or Daddy talks to her, taking baths

Dislikes: getting her diaper changed or putting clothes on, her crib, when you leave her alone in a room by herself

Highlights of this month:

  • Both of my sisters and my parents all took trips to Colorado to spend time with Miss Ruthie.
  • Dave’s parents babysat for Ruthie last weekend and we went to get sushi BY OURSELVES.
  • Ruthie has started to smile for the first time at Dave and I. She has also smiled at my mom a few times when she has been visiting this week.
  • Our meal train was amazing and it was so great having friends come and bring over food every day.

What we’re looking forward to: I am looking forward to giving Ruthie more bottles this month and hopefully her sleeping more consistently longer at night, getting a babysitter to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, Dave’s 30th birthday!, and Father’s Day. Dave says that he’s looking forward to more smiles, taking her on more adventures, and watching her mom love on her 🙂

Ruthie’s frown face – heehee! 




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